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  • Complete WHOIS information on the domain: Section help
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  • Complete WHOIS information on the domain: Section help

    WHOIS is an application layer, TCP-based, internetworking protocol that is designed to obtain public information (registration data) about owners of domain names, IP adresses and autonomus systems. The protocol is used to submit automated requests to WHOIS database servers, IP addresses database and domain name registrars. Using technological portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME, a form of a personal request to information stored by the distributed WHOIS database, our users can get an access to information placed by registrars in their WHOIS database upon individual, manual, online requests. Access to the WHOIS database through Port 43 allows to make automated requests, it can be provided to UANIC recellers upon request as an extra service.

    One can get contact information of a domain name owner (registrant), a domain name administrator, technical and/or financinal contact of a domain, and initial date of registration (delegation of a domain), expiry date, name servers, and the currant status of the requested domain by submitting a query via the WHOIS searchform on our website.

    The WHOIS database is guided mainly by registrars and registries. IANA department in ICANN corporation controls the central registry for all types of Internet resources, and points at the WHOIS server of the relevant sub-registry, and at the contact information of the registry in case it is public. There is a full and a short form which can deliver information from the WHOIS database. According to the protocol RFC 3912, every registrar determinates completeness and a format of information from WHOIS database.

    To get the information a user should put a targeted domain name on the WHOIS form, and query by clicking the button WHOIS. Information, contained in WHOIS UANIC database, is recreated automatically every 10 days.

    To get information from WHOIS ICANN database, please, follow a link:


    Yungelita: Elita Harkov instagram The Real Harley Quinn Drama

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    Okay, so 41-51 pages per minute! If that’s not fast enough for you, then I don’t know what is. Too pricey though. If you can’t afford a high-end printer/copier such as this, rent out or.

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    Pack Yungelita + Larry Stylinson. Like if you save or credits for @Iarrystuffx on twitter if you use 💕. 1st header is mine, the others aren’t mine.

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    Yungelita. 9,249 likes · 6,099 talking about this.  See more of Yungelita on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account?

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    Minecraft статистика yungelita. Последний раз yungelita играл 2018.01.03 18:56.  История yungelita — это онлайн календарь для yungelita.

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    yungelita is a New Member at Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps.  Search titles only. Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Newer Than.