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  • Introduction :

    Pietro Boselli is an Italian engineer, former mathematics lecturer at University College London and presently a model, known by the name, ‘World’s Sexiest Maths Teacher’.

    Early Life and Childhood:

    Pietro was born on December 3rd, 1988 in Brescia, Italy. He completed his high school from Italy itself.


    • After completing high school he moved to London in 2007 and enrolled for the Mechanical Engineering degree at University College London(UCL).
    • In 2008, he received a top award for excellence within the faculty of Engineering.
    • In 2009, he was appointed Senior Mentor in his department.
    • In 2010, he wrote a conference paper on optimisation of aircraft turbine design, which he published and presented at an international exposition in Vancouver in 2010.
    • In 2010, he was awarded a bachelor of engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering with First Class honours. In the same year, he began his PhD with a project on computational fluid dynamics based design of steam turbines, sponsored by Hitachi, Japan.
    • This project was highly mathematical, so he started teaching mathematics to engineering undergraduate students. His first problem solving class was delivered to second year students. During the course of his PhD, Pietro occasionally delivered classes on other topics like computing and thermodynamics. He completed his PhD in the year 2016.

    Pietro Boselli Model Career :

    • He was discovered at the age of six by renowned designer ‘Giorgio Armani’ who saw Pietro with his parents and said he should be a model. He, then, began modelling for ‘Armani Junior’.
    • After a few years he transitioned from junior to adult modelling. From 11 – 17 years age, he took a break from modelling.
    • When he was 18, Armani once again called him in for a test shoot. He signed with the agency ‘Beatrice’ in Milan. When he moved to London for college, he ended his relationship with the Milan agency to focus more on his studies, but still took part in all the Armani shows exclusively.

    Career Relaunch :

    • In January 2014, one of his students, Arief Azli, took note of his physique and stumbled upon his modelling career. Arief, then, posted a picture of Pietro teaching next to a shirtless, modelling image on Facebook.
    • This post went viral a year later. After the viral post, Boselli signed with the British modelling agency Models 1 after completing his PhD. In this way, he re-launched himself into the fashion world.
    • He has since been dubbed the ‘World’s sexiest maths teacher’. He, then, worked with prestigious clients and publishers (including Moschino, Estée Lauder, Equinox, Dsquared2, GQ, Vogue) and renowned photographers.
    • He was the face for Emporio Armani EA7 sportswear in 4 campaigns, including the Olympics campaign for the Italian team. He has also appeared in spreads for Chinese magazine GQ Style and was featured on the cover of Attitude. Now, he manages his brand independently, and is represented exclusively by Soul in New York.

    Pietro Boselli Height is 5 feet 10 inches.


    How much should I work out in a week? - Workout Philosophy #3

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    26-летний преподаватель математики Пьетро Боселли, прославившийся благодаря откровенным снимкам и безупречному прессу, стыдится своей славы!

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    Pietro Boselli, PhD, (born December 3, 1988) is an Italian engineer, former mathematics lecturer at University College London and model.

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    Pietro Boselli is an Italian model, mathematics lecturer, engineer, and a personal  A Unique Approach to Dieting. Pietro says that a secret to a successful diet is that “there.

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    Знакомьтесь, это Пьетро Бозелли (Pietro Boselli), и он может быть просто самый горячий учитель математики в мире.