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  • TOP 14 - Résumé Racing 92-Clermont: 58-6 - J15 - Saison 2017/2018

  • Nigay – caramel: our history
    Established in 1855, Nigay SA – France – is the renowned expert in caramel with over
    300 products in its portfolio to appeal and inspire, comprising 4 ranges:
    – Nigay’s signature aromatic caramels,
    – unique caramel specialities,
    – an innovative range of burnt sugars, simply made without processing aids,
    – traditional caramel colours.
    Nigay – caramel: our innovations
    Nigay will be present at FIE to launch its latest innovations:
    – unique coated caramel flakes : simply delicious burnt sugar flakes coated with
    vegetable fats to resist migration and maintain crunchiness,
    – a “clean label” thickened aromatic caramel: a ready-to-use syrup for dairy desserts
    with uncompromising presentation,
    – acid – stable plain caramel colours and burnt sugars for energy drinks and
    carbonated beverages,
    – burnt sugars sourced from cane sugar, fair trade & organic suppliers.
    Nigay – caramel: our future
    Nigay embraces BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 180001 quality, safety and
    environmental management systems.
    Nigay is poised to supplement its existing BRC accreditation with FSSC 22,000
    In 2012 Nigay will complete a 5 year plant expansion programme to seal its place at the
    forefront of caramel production technology and innovation.


    TOP 14 - Résumé Racing 92-Clermont: 58-6 - J15 - Saison 2017/2018

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    25.03.2018 Карл:
    475. Seguidores. karina_nigay. 26K 129.  Кстати, вход бесплатный.8 RUE DE MONTPENSIER, 75001 PARIS, FRANCE 📸На углу Rue Girardon и Rue Lepic.

    27.02.2018 Евлампия:
    A caramel for every recipe With an ever-growing range of tastes, colours & textures, Nigay caramels have all applications covered.

    03.04.2018 funcnunaless:
    Créée en 1855, la société familiale NIGAY est spécialisée dans la fabrication de caramels utilisés sous formes variées (liquide, pâte, poudre ou  Nigay hauts de france.

    17.03.2018 Алевтина:
    Foursquare © 2018 Сделано с любовью в Нью-Йорке и Сан-Франциско. Nigay Sas (Usine De Caramel). Франция.

    27.03.2018 Александра:
    Being closer to the English Channel and the North Sea ports represents a new strategic asset for the commercialization of Nigay’s caramels.

    18.02.2018 Сократ:
    Nigay, l'ETI du caramel made in France Producteur de fécules de pommes de terre et de sirops de glucose à ses débuts, le Groupe Nigay s'est reconverti dans le caramel en 1973.